World Water Day

World Water Day is held annually on 22 March, a day designated by the United Nations to celebrate the importance of water sustainability.

For a small country like Singapore, building water security has been integral in our nation’s growth. PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, ensures a diversified and sustainable supply of water for the people with the Four National Taps. However, achieving an adequate water supply is not enough. It is equally important for everyone to have greater ownership of and to value our water resources. Join us in the celebrations for Singapore World Water Day and show your contribution towards the water cause.

Make Every Drop Count

"Make Every Drop Count", the theme for Singapore World Water Day 2017, underpins the active role that each of us can play to show we care and appreciate our waters. Everyone is welcome to celebrate Singapore World Water Day in their own way.


In conjunction with Singapore World Water Day 2017, we are introducing The Community Meter. It is a showcase of everyone's contribution and commitment towards the water cause. As we accumulate the number of drops, rewards for all to enjoy and to benefit our community can be redeemed.

Let’s work towards 1,000,000 drops!